Happy New Year! MANRS Growth in 2014

Happy new year!

It is the beginning of 2015 and a good time to look back and see how we finished the previous year.

Well, not bad – the list of MANRS participants continued to grow with four new operators joining the initiative:

If you are wondering why they decided to join, look at some of the testimonials:

“We believe that the objectives and scope match our beliefs and our behaviour, and that by signing up, we may help encourage others to do so.” -Ian Dickinson, Network Architect, Sky

“It is in everyone’s best interested to keep the Internet clean. By doing our part and conforming to the objectives stated by MANRS, we can reduce the impact of intended and unintended misconfigurations and the risk of abuse of Internet resources and we hope that others will do so as well.” -Teun Vink, BIT BV.

Of course there’s still room for your network, too. Sign up here, and do your part to help make the Internet a safer place for everyone.

Happy New year, everyone!

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