The MANRS API exposes data collected by the MANRS project (including data provided by the MANRS Observatory), aiding integration and automation. This registration is required to get access to the MANRS API. After registering you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the MANRS Observatory and generate your unique API key. The registration allows us to communicate future changes to this service that might affect its use and other important information regarding the service. It will also allow us to provide non-public data to certain users about their specific organization or network(s).

  • Global Cyber Alliance is requesting your personal data to be able to communicate with you about the MANRS API (including, but not limited to, breaking changes to the API specification, or changes to the terms of service). We will only use this information for the reasons above unless you consent to us using this information in other ways. You may always rescind your consent, per our Privacy Statement.