Through a partnership with the Internet Society, we provide training to network administrators and engineers with some experience in networking and peering who are already familiar with Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs). These online materials and workshops are ideal for engineers configuring and managing routing networks at ISPs, IXPs, or NRENs, as well as managers interested in learning more about MANRS. 

We offer moderated online courses, face-to-face courses, and self-paced online tutorials in English, Spanish, and French. Participants learn:

  • What MANRS is and why to join
  • The actions all network operators should implement to improve both the Internet’s routing security and their own network’s operational efficiency
  • The importance of routing security to the future and stability of the Internet
  • How to prevent routing outages or attacks – such as hijacking, leaks, and spoofing – that can lead to stolen data, lost revenue, reputational damage, and more, all on a global scale
  • The databases and repositories MANRS participants should use to document routing policy and maintain contact information