Requirements for Participation

By joining, you support and commit to the baseline of routing security defined by a set of six security-enhancing actions, of which five are mandatory to implement.

The actions are:

  1. Prevent propagation of incorrect routing information (mandatory)
    1. Baseline Requirement: Ensure correctness of own announcements. Ensure correctness of announcements of their peers (non-transit) and customers by implementing explicit (allow-list) filtering with prefix granularity. (mandatory)
    2. Additional requirements: Participants can further indicate they comply with one or both of the following additional requirements of Action 1: the use of RPKI as a primary source of validating information, and the use of a Standard AS-SET Expansion Process. (recommended)
  2. Prevent traffic of illegitimate source IP addresses (mandatory)
  3. Facilitate global operational communication and coordination (mandatory)
  4. Facilitate validation of routing information on a global scale (mandatory)
  5. Encourage MANRS adoption (mandatory)
  6. Provide monitoring and debugging tools to peering partners (recommended)

Before applying, please read the full list of MANRS Actions at MANRS for CDN and Cloud Providers.