The MANRS Observatory is a public platform that:

  • Measures the level of MANRS Readiness of all networks participating in Internet routing, which also serves as an indication of the state of routing security.
  • Presents consolidated routing security data from various partners (Figure 1) for specific regions and economies and tracks their evolution over time.

Data collected can also be accessed via the MANRS API. Register here.

MANRS participants can also access detailed statistics and reports for specific networks through the Members Dashboard. The reports provide a historical overview of a specific member ASN, per MANRS Action, and detailed information related to specific metrics.

MANRS Observatory Architecture
Figure 1 — Overview of where the MANRS Observatory collects and how it collates data.

What is MANRS Readiness?

MANRS readiness indicates a degree of how well MANRS Actions are implemented. It is calculated using a set of metrics for each Action, computed from different data sources. For more information, see the MANRS measurement framework.

When an operator joins MANRS several checks are performed to ensure that the Actions are implemented. Apart from verifying that the description of implementation of MANRS actions is complete and technically sound, the MANRS readiness history is taken into account indicating potential incidents where the network might have been involved, cases of spoofed traffic, and that contact and routing information is properly registered in appropriate public databases.

To fully realize its potential MANRS has to be developed into a trusted and reputable mark of quality, recognized by third parties, such as potential customers or procurement officers. An objective and continuous commitment rating represented by MANRS readiness scores is an essential element in achieving this goal.

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