The Steering Committee is comprised of individuals elected by the MANRS community to coordinate and develop the MANRS initiative. It holds quarterly meetings, and its duties include:

  • Reviewing and making recommendations to the MANRS community about the MANRS Actions and minimum conformance criteria.
  • Supervising the auditing process for new applicants, including making decisions on applications where conformance with the established criteria is marginal or unclear, or where unanticipated circumstances occur that are not covered by the documented auditing process.
  • Handling the appeals process from applicants that have been refused approval.
  • Making recommendations to the MANRS community on the suspension and termination of organizations from MANRS participation that fail to meet the minimum conformance criteria.
  • Supervising the incident handling processes.
  • Appointing MANRS Advisors, Ambassadors, and Fellows who can offer specialist advice or act as liaisons with other important communities. 

Anyone is eligible to serve on the Steering Committee. Prospective candidates from MANRS participants may nominate themselves. Candidates from other companies or organizations are welcome to apply but must be nominated by a MANRS participant. Nominations are held annually in October.

A MANRS Community Charter provides the guiding principles for the governance of the initiative.

View minutes of past MANRS Steering Committee meetings.