Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) are a collaborative focal point to discuss and promote the importance of routing security and are important partners in the MANRS community. IXPs represent active communities with common operational objectives and contribute to a more resilient and secure Internet infrastructure.

The MANRS IXP Program outlines the key steps IXPs can take to demonstrate their commitment to routing security and bring significant improvement to the resilience and security of their peering relationships.

Participation in the program provides an opportunity for IXPs to work together for the responsible stewardship and sustainability of the Internet.


  1. Filtering. Implement filtering of route announcements at the Route Server based on routing information data (IRR and/or RPKI).
  2. Promotion. Provide encouragement or assistance for IXP members to implement MANRS actions.
  3. Protect the peering platform. Have a published policy of traffic not allowed on the peering fabric and perform filtering of such traffic.
  4. Coordination. Facilitate communication among members by providing necessary mailing lists and member directories.
  5. Tools. Provide monitoring and debugging tools to IXP members

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