We need more networks to implement MANRS actions to stop routing security incidents in their tracks. MANRS has traditionally focused on peer-to-peer relationships between network operators, but we believe customer demand can be a driving force in increasing routing security.

If we can enhance the business case for MANRS, customers will demand better routing security of their network connectivity providers and providers will ensure they’re complying with the MANRS Actions that mitigate routing security risks. 

The MANRS+ Working Group explores the idea of creating a second, elevated tier of MANRS participation for organizations that comply with more stringent requirements and auditing. The working group is tasked with developing the requirements for MANRS+.

Read more in the full MANRS+ Working Group Charter.


  • Matt Davy, Visa
  • Andrei Robachevsky, Global Cyber Alliance


Contact us if you’d like to join the Working Group. The group meets periodically and has its own email list. Membership in this MANRS+ Working Group is open to everyone. MANRS participation is not required.