The MANRS Observatory dashboard gives a high-level overview of the state of routing security, MANRS Readiness, and insights into statistics for specific global economies.

See below for details on the functionality of each tab and how to filter information.


By default, the global view for the previous month is displayed. To change the view, use the filters provided to choose another month or choose a specific network or region to filter. The numbers on the dashboard will update to reflect the selection made.

Insight into statistics for specific economies is displayed by hovering anywhere over the global map. The size of the dot in a country or region represents the number of networks in that economy. By clicking on a country or economy, the data in the State of Routing Security and MANRS Readiness will reflect the area selected.


The history tab will show a rolling 12-month period. Since the Observatory has only been collecting data since January 2019, the current reporting period only extends back that far.


The comparison tab will allow additional filters to be set against a reference. For instance, the reference is set at the top filter (month). By default, the global view of the previous month is displayed. Additional filters can be added to show a visual comparison of the different scenarios.

Filtering content works consistently across the site. There are several ways to filter the content.

Change Month

Add Filters

Information can be toggled on and off