MANRS: growing in numbers and diversity

The number of networks that support MANRS and have signed up is growing. We have now reached 22. I am very glad to see this taking off as a truly global effort – the new participants include networks from the US, Russia, Denmark, Italy and Egypt.

These are also different types of organizations, from network service providers, to broadband providers, to a Regional Internet Registry.

What people say about this initiative:

We believe in the value of coordination and shared responsibility to have a more secure Internet infrastructure. We strongly agree with the principles, the scope and the actions written in the Routing Resilience Manifesto” – Gianfranco Delli Carri, IT.Gate

[T]he MANRS document is in our (and my) opinion a really good initial level of recommendations. I think that the more participation in MANRS, the safer our routing ecosystem. And a safer routing system is good for all of us!” – Robert Hagens, VP, IP Architecture, Zayo

We are looking for leaders – the networks that have already implemented the MANRS recommendations and much more – please sign up to give support to this effort and encourage others!

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