First Public Administration Network Joins MANRS

SBTAP logoA new MANRS participant, SBTAP, writes on its website: “The autonomous system SBTAP of the City of San Benedetto del Tronto is the first public administration in Italy to join the Routing Resilience Manifesto”. In fact, SBTAP is the first public administration anywhere to sign up for MANRS. Welcome!

This network, AS number 59715, applies all relevant best current practices and, consequently, implements all four Actions of the MANRS document.

We, at AS59715, believe that global cooperation should be a prerequisite to run an Autonomous System and MANRS is the right place to make it happen,” says Antonio Prado, Chief Technology Officer of SBTAP.

Is your network also a leader when it comes to routing security? Please sign up to give support to this effort and encourage others!

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