MANRS news: 3 New Members & A New BCOP Document is Born

We’re happy to announce that recently the list of MANRS participants has grown. Three network operators from Russia have now supported the initiative. They are:

Fastnet (UCA Networks)
Invest Mobile

These networks have already been using practices that meet the MANRS requirements, but initially doubted the benefit of signing up to the initiative itself. Fortunately we had a lively and useful discussion at the BoF session “BGP: Towards a Better Protocol and Practices” at the MSK-IX Peering Forum last week and that motivated some of the operators to look at the initiative again.

Another news is that following Job Snijders presentation, “MANRS Implementation Document” at the BCOP Task Force meeting at RIPE71 a few weeks ago, we corralled a group of volunteers to move this project forward.

To continue discussions and produce a draft document for wider review we created a mailing list at Feel free to subscribe and get involved if you are interested!

Otherwise – stay tuned, or sign up for MANRS yourself!

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