Network operators are invited to participate in the survey on BGP prefix hijacking

BGP prefix hijacking remains a problem for Internet routing, despite the (partial) use of RPKI or detection services. In order to better understand the existing BGP hijacking defenses and the needs of network operators, CAIDA and the ICS-FORTH research institute, started a research effort, developing a survey as a first step.

The survey, which is targeted at network operators, has the objective to study several things:
– the operators’ awareness of BGP prefix hijacking attacks,
– presently used defenses (if any) against BGP prefix hijacking,
– the willingness to adopt new defense mechanisms, and
– reasons that may hinder the deployment of BGP prefix hijacking defenses.

The survey can be found here: It has a total of 21 questions, which should take no longer than 10 minutes to answer. We encourage network operators to participate.

A summary of the aggregate results will be published as a part of an article/conference paper.

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