Are you a network expert? Please participate in a MANRS configuration survey and share your knowledge!

MANRS defines 4 Actions, which are really the building blocks for simple use cases. We believe that even if these measures are implemented widely, security and resilience of the Internet routing system will significantly improve. The minimum baseline that MANRS defines also allows networks to build on, implementing routing security in more complex network topologies.

But it is easier to say then to implement. To facilitate implementation of MANRS Actions the community have developed a BCOP document – a MANRS implementation guide.

In order to make it more practical and useful we need actual configuration examples from most commonly used vendors and equipment models.

We created a simple survey to collect this information. It should take only 10-15 min to complete if you know how to configure these things. For some of the questions there are example, to give you an idea of what is expected.

Please contribute to the survey and share knowledge:

Your participation is highly appreciated!


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