Routing Security and MANRS at EURO-IX This Week

This week, Andrei Robachevsky will be talking about routing security in general and MANRS in particular at Euro-IX in Galway, Ireland. The European Internet Exchange Association (Euro-IX) gathers 83 Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) from around the world. It was formed in May 2001 with the intention to develop, strengthen and improve the IXP community.

The MANRS Actions were initially designed for network operators, but IXPs also play an active role in protecting the Internet. IXPs represent active communities with common operational objectives and already contribute to a more resilient and secure Internet infrastructure. Euro-IX is an opportunity to highlight the many ways IXPs can contribute to the overall health and resilience of the routing system by joining MANRS.

MANRS can help IXPs build safe neighborhoods, leveraging the MANRS security baseline. It also demonstrates an IXP’s commitment to security and sustainability of the Internet ecosystem, and dedication to providing high quality services.

IXPs are important partners in the MANRS community

IXPs can be a collaborative focal point to discuss and promote the importance of routing security. To address the unique needs and concerns of IXPs, the community is creating a related but separate set of MANRS actions for IXP members. We’ll explain more about the upcoming MANRS IXP Programme and invite IXPs to join once the program launches.

If you’ll be in Galway, please let us know!

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