Team Cymru First Cybersecurity Partner to Join MANRS

We’re very pleased to welcome Team Cymru as a MANRS participant, to reduce the most common threats to the Internet’s routing system together.

Team Cymru was founded in 2005 and has established itself as one of the pre-eminent sources of cybersecurity data in the world, serving CSIRTs, security software vendors, network operators, content providers, and financial institutions.

Team Cymru’s vision of a more secure Internet brought about by coordinated community engagement and response resonates with ours.

Many organizations around the world use Team Cymru data feeds to actively identify and block threats to their networks and to analyze malicious activities on the Internet. In particular, their free community Bogon Reference is used by many network operators to identify AS numbers and IP prefixes that should not be appearing in the global routing table, and therefore can cause route leaks and hijacks.

Another of their service, Unwanted Traffic Removal Service (UTRS), runs over the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), and the company maintains searchable records of changes to the global routing table for audit purposes.

Aftab Siddiqui, Internet Society’s Senior Manager of Internet Technology and MANRS project lead, said: “Having Team Cymru as part of the MANRS community is an important step in adding routing security information to existing data sources such as the MANRS Observatory. Team Cymru is the first cybersecurity team to join the MANRS initiative and will help increase visibility of routing security issues that have not traditionally been part of CSIRT (Computer Security & Incident Response Team) portfolios.”

David Monnier, Team Cymru Fellow and Director of Client Success at Team Cymru, said in a press release today: “We joined MANRS because we believe in the community of the Internet and the potential it creates.  MANRS captures the spirit of efficient and safe networking and shows that when the community comes together, and when there is a growing sense of shared responsibility, we can protect the core of the Internet. We look forward to doing our part to make MANRS and the Internet as successful as possible.”

Team Cymru is a member of FIRST and is accredited by Trusted Introducer. More information can be found at

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