MANRS Observatory Update Improves User Interface, Partner Accounts

The MANRS Observatory relies on data from trusted providers to measure routing security across the Internet and to assess a network’s MANRS-readiness. The latest update (version 3.1) now includes several new features requested by MANRS participants and public users to make the Observatory more informative, intuitive, and easy to use.

Many of the improvements are related to the user interface, including:

  • Clearer layout of the overview page
  • Expanded contextual help
  • Trend arrows in MANRS Readiness scores
  • Pop-up information when hovering over the world map
Figure 1 Improved layout of the Overview page

Other new features and related improvements are only available to MANRS participants. If you are a network operator, IXP, CDN, or Cloud operator, please consider joining MANRS, which opens access to scores for specific networks and detailed reports.

Pagination and data exports

In the ‘Details’ dashboard, we implemented pagination and enabled data exports. Now you can download the scores of selected networks in a CSV format for further analysis or for sharing within your organization.

Figure 2 Pagination and data export

Partner Accounts

Last year, we introduced partner accounts for individuals or organizations requesting access to data to support their efforts in promoting MANRS and routing security. At the time, these partner accounts only provided access to networks’ MANRS readiness scores and not in-depth information that would explain what caused those scores.

Now, partners can request access to detailed information for a specific set of networks, or for a country, region, or sub-region. The request for specific access should be supported by a detailed description of the purpose of this data and the general objective of promoting MANRS. This feature could be useful, for example, for CSIRTs looking to monitor MANRS readiness of networks in their constituency, or other industry associations. Approved applicants are granted access for one year.

Your Feedback

If you are using this tool, please let us know what you think about these features. If you have suggestions on how to improve the tool further, please let us know, too! Leave a reply below or email us at [email protected].

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