You’ve Got Mail—MANRS Conformance Reports and Incident Reporting

If you’re a MANRS participant, by now you should have received your second monthly conformance report. (And if you’re not, come join us!) These new reports provide your MANRS Readiness Scores and potential non-compliance routing security incidents. 

Sample MANRS Conformance Report
Sample MANRS Conformance Report

Do you have zeroes in the “Non-Compliance Incidents” section? Are your MANRS Readiness scores 100% or at least improving? Well done! Thank you for your continuous attention to the security of your network and the Internet as a whole.

But what if the MANRS Observatory detected incidents that involved your network? Maybe you need to have a closer look at your network security controls, especially those that require MANRS conformance. Or maybe an incident was incorrectly attributed to your network, or was not an incident but a legitimate routing change. Without knowing the topology, interconnections, and the routing policy of your network exactly, it is possible to misinterpret something we observe from external vantage points.

The reports are only as good as the data, and for the best data, we need your feedback.

This is why we ask you to click on “Verify Incidents” button to log into the Observatory and review your detailed conformance report each month. For each incident the Observatory detects, there will be a blue icon inviting you to provide feedback. Was this indeed an incident? Is the data related to this event correct?

MANRS Observatory Dashboard Screenshot
MANRS Observatory Incident Feedback Pop-up

Your feedback is essential for improving the quality of incident reporting the Observatory provides. It will also allow more accurate MANRS readiness scores for your network. We’re moving toward eventually making these scores public, so we want them to be accurate. You should, too!

Unfortunately, the first round of conformance reports did not show the enthusiasm we expected. Out of 99 participants involved in at least one potential routing security incident, only six provided feedback. That is 6% response rate!

Please help us improve the quality of the data. It will also provide you with more accurate insights into your network security controls and improve the credibility of MANRS. 

We count on you!

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