MANRS Readiness Scores to be Made Public for Network Operator Participants

This July, the MANRS Readiness Scores will be made public on the MANRS website under the Network Operators Participants directory, replacing the tick marks next to Actions 2, 3, and 4. We will be adding the MANRS Readiness Score for Action 1 at a later date.

A MANRS Readiness Score indicates the degree of conformance of a MANRS participant to a MANRS Action. For example, to measure what degree a network implements filtering (Action 1), we count the number of routing incidents where the network was implicated and the duration to calculate a normalized score for a specified time.

MANRS participants have been able to view readiness scores for all participants via the MANRS Observatory since 2019. Network Operator participants have recently also been receiving individual conformance reports with their scores and any changes to the score since the previous report at the start of each month.

In 2021, the MANRS Steering Committee proposed making public the MANRS Readiness Scores for Network Operator participants to align with the community’s objectives to:

  • Raise awareness of routing security problems and encourage networks to implement best current practices (Actions) to address them.
  • Improve transparency and credibility of the MANRS initiative.
  • Promote a culture of collective responsibility toward the security and resilience of the Internet’s global routing system.

Since this proposal, the MANRS team has worked to improve the accuracy and visibility of these scores, including adding them to the monthly conformance reports, validating incidents, and improving the quality of the data used to calculate them. It’s now at a point that the scores provide an adequate analysis of the compliance of a MANRS participant towards MANRS Actions 2, 3, and 4. The MANRS team will continue to refine the score’s accuracy for Action 1 before making this public.

MANRS Readiness Scores will be updated on the MANRS website on the 8th day of each month.

Learn more about how MANRS Readiness Scores are calculated and their meaning in the description of the Measurement Framework.

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