New MANRS Steering Committee Members Elected

The MANRS Steering Committee election closed at 23.59 UTC on 3 November 2023, and the result has now been confirmed by Election Chair Jeremy Harrison (APNIC). Three candidates have been elected to the MANRS Steering Committee:

  • Nick Hilliard — INEX
  • Arturo Servin — Google
  • Nicolas Fiumarelli Santana — LACNIC

Nicolas Fiumarelli Santana joins the Steering Committee for the first time, while Nick and Arturo have been re-elected to extend their terms. Each has been elected to serve three years.

Congratulations to those elected, and we’d like to thank all the other candidates for running. We are pleased by the interest shown in the MANRS initiative and the extremely high standard of candidates who put themselves forward for the Steering Committee.

Learn more about the Steering Committee members here.

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