Key Election Dates

  • Call for Nominations:  1 October 2022-28 October 2022
  • Online Election: 1-3 November 2022
  • Results Announced: 8 November 2022
Musa Stephen HONLUE headshot photo
Musa Stephen HONLUE

Musa Stephen HONLUE


Candidate Statement

For years, I’ve been part of the MANRS initiative. I started out as a trainer where I trained more than 200 engineers, and now I’m an ambassador.

The MANRS initiative is a global effort to make the Internet safer for everyone by reducing risks of network outages and improving the routing security. It’s my belief that this program can help us achieve that goal. And that’s why I’m nominating myself for a seat on the steering committee so that we can work together to define and drive the MANRS initiative in a direction that better serves our global routing table.

I think that I’m a good candidate because of my experience working with MANRS over the past four+ years—but more importantly because of my passion for making sure we all have access to a stronger Internet.


I am a holder of a Master’s Degree in IT and currently pursuing an MBA. My involvement in developing the Internet started in 2007 when I became a CISCO Instructor for CCNA. Later on, I also passed the requirements to train other CISCO curricula namely ITE and CCNA security.

For the past 15+ years I have contributed to and served the Internet community in the following ways:

  • Creating technical training content on Internet technologies, protocols, and various best practices
  • Delivering  training in both face-to-face and online settings for various Internet organisations including AFRINIC, ISOC, AFNOG and the University of Dschang
  • Delivering webinars, tutorials and technical presentations at tech events
  • Assisting organizations in the deployment of various technologies ie. IPv6, RPKI, DNSSEC, CENTREON, DUAL WAN…

I have served the following organisations in the following capacities:

  1. AFRINIC as
  • Project Manager and Transformation Lead
  • Trainer and certification program Manager

 2. The University of Dschang, as

  • Head of Networks and Systems
  • Head of Software engineering team
  1. Technical support at the Mauritius Internet Exchange Point
  2. Training consultant at ISOC for MANRS, NETOPS, Building Wireless Community Network, Designing and Deploying Computer Networks
  3. Technical consultant for SALEKA LTD where I supervised several projects on deploying and securing large networks

I was a MANRS fellow in 2021, in this capacity, I helped in sharing the news about the initiative, and helped some organisations in implementing MANRS actions.

I am currently a MANRS ambassador for 2022, in this capacity, I keep spreading the news around MANRS, support the 2022 MANRS fellows, support network operators to become MANRS participants.

Paul Hoogsteder headshot photo
Paul Hoogsteder

Paul Hoogsteder

Broadband Hosting B.V.

Candidate Statement

As chairman at the RIPE Routing working group and advisor to many medium and large sized Internet companies I’ve been working on making routing more secure for ages. I see the value of education the networking community about why routing security matters.


Paul started a Dutch dial-up Internet business in 1994. Since then he has worked for a number of Netherlands, UK and US based companies, including Racal Datacom, Racal Telecom, Quza, Extreme Networks, PSInet, Subspace, NovoServe, and Broadband Hosting (NL-ix/JointTransit/Open Peering).

He runs Meanie (AS31019), his own little conglomerate that supports several Internet companies all over the world as well as Meanie Distilling, which produces a range of award-winning spirits.

An active member of the Internet community since the early 90’s; attending his first RIPE meeting in 1998. Paul has been an AMS-IX board member and actively promotes IPv6. He has keen interests in BGP, IRRs, RPKI and transmission technologies.

Adarsh BU headshot photo
Adarsh BU

Adarsh BU

Happiest Minds Technologies

Candidate Statement

I hope to contribute a pragmatic viewpoint to the MANRS steering committee and help build on the excellent work already done in promoting collective responsibility to prevent the global routing table from turning into yet another “tragedy of the commons” by combining my in-depth technical knowledge of IXP and IP network operations with experience in a global role.

I continue to be an outspoken supporter of “keeping traffic local,” but I’m becoming more aware that in addition to emphasising the advantages of peering, we also need to be clear about the risks involved, especially given how the mechanisms have changed from paper contracts for dedicated physical ports to API-driven orders for services delivered almost instantly over multi-service ports anywhere in the world!


I am currently working as a Technical Solutions Consultant at CoE-IoT, Happiest Minds Technologies. I have previously worked with Innominds, Smartron, Exilant Technologies, Education and Research Network (ERNET), India and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc).

I have more than 9 years of experience in core wireless technologies. Specialized in IPv6, IoT, WiFi, Bluetooth, WLAN, routing 5G, Software-defined networking (SDN), IETF protocols such as NB-IoT, CoAP, QUIC, 6TiSCH, 6LoWPAN stack , IoTivity framework and 5G technologies in the development of innovative IoT products and specializing in real-time operating systems (RTOS) like OpenWSN, Contiki OS, RIOT, FreeRTOS and numerous embedded systems.

An active member of IETF, IEEE, IIESoc, YIGF and the Internet Society (ISOC), and a regular speaker and contributor to IoT-related forums and working groups.

Certified from Internet Society (ISOC) as a trainer for “Building Wireless Community Networks”.
Adhoc-MAG, Multistakeholder Advisory Group, Youth Internet Governance Forum (YIGF) India.
Fellow awardee for Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN), Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and India School on Internet Governance (inSIG).

I was recognized in 2016 & 2017 as one of the Top IoT Thought Leaders for my contribution towards the advancement of IoT in India.

Tony Tauber headshot photo
Tony Tauber

Tony Tauber


Candidate Statement

As far back as 2000 I was invited to present as part of a panel on operator experience with route filtering.

When the IETF was seeking to charter the RPsec Working Group (precursor to SIDR and SIDROPS), I saw an opportunity to contribute and volunteered to serve as a co-Chair.

I have been involved with what became MANRS from its inception (as Routing Resilience Manifesto) and am committed to incremental advances in routing resilience (including as a facet of security).

In the past year, I have:

  • Served on the MANRS Steering Committee with 100% attendance
  • Presented my personal/organizational RPKI journey in multiple venues.
  • Served on an RPKI panel at Pacific Telecom Consortium conference.
  • Contributed to my employers response to US FCC Notice of Information on Routing Security
  • Co-edited a paper on Routing Security soon to be published by BITAG (Broadband Industry Technical Advisory Group)

Moreover, with my deep and broad experience in Network Engineering and Operations, I believe I am well suited to collaborate with peers in the community to devise and maintain practical evolution for the Internet ecosystem. That the community has been able to devise and promulgate citable references for best practices and that these have been broadly adopted across the ecosystem of various types of operators and vendor/implementers is an impressive base upon which to build and push for further improvements.


In his role as Distinguished Engineer at Comcast, Tony Tauber focuses on Backbone and Core network architecture and engineering with particular attention to measurement, manageability, and automation as well as network and routing security. He also partners with the research and education communities on projects and previously chaired the North American Network Operators Group (NANOG) Program Committee.

He was a founding contributor to MANRS and is a current member of the MANRS Steering Committee.

He is the lead engineer and architect for Comcast’s RPKI and Anycast routing initiatives.

In the past, he held senior network engineering positions at BBN, GTE Internetworking, Genuity, Level3, and MIT Lincoln Lab as well as served as co-chair of the Routing Protocol Security working group in the IETF.

Jeff Tantsura headshot photo
Jeff Tantsura

Jeff Tantsura


Candidate Statement

During my long career in networking I have always cared about Internet and community around the world, hence my positions with IAB and ISOC. Being on both sides – operators and routing vendor s as well as an active contributor to the IETF (50+ documents) – I’m intimately familiar with BGP protocol, its operations and policy frameworks. Active promoter of BGP RPKI, co-organizer of the 1st “RPKI zero to hero in 1 hour” multi-vendor event, I’m looking forward to contributing to the great work MANRS has been doing!


Jeff is employed by Microsoft as Sr. Principal Network Architect. He also co-chairs two working groups in IETF Routing Area.

Melchior Aelmans headshot photo
Melchior Aelmans

Melchior Aelmans

Juniper Networks

Candidate Statement

Due to the greater reliance on the Internet now more than ever, it’s crucial that the Internet is stable and offers secure and trusted methods to connect users. In my opinion it is the responsibility of the global internet community to work together to ensure that the ecosystem forming the Internet works well and is protected against threat actors.

MANRS plays a vital role in setting the standards how participants, now also vendors of network equipment, should behave and to which standards they should comply to. With all these parties on board the foundation is strong.

I believe the next steps for MANRS include:

  • Become the default resource for network operators when it comes to Routing Security.
  • Work towards independence and become self-sustainable while ensuring not to become a commercial entity.
  • Proactively reach out and work with standards organizations, industry associations and communities.
  • Explore new ways and methods to evangelize the Routing Security message.
  • Ensure RFI/RFPs documents start including the ask for MANRS compliancy.
  • Extend MANRS Ambassadors and Fellows program. Give them more exposure.
  • Initiate and build political and media relationships.

Thank you for considering my candidacy! I’m looking forward working with the MANRS team and community.


In my role as Consulting Engineer I work daily with operators whose networks are part of the internet, helping them build better, more reliable, and secure networks. Many of these conversations are about Routing Security, RPKI, BGP authentication, new developments including Quantum Networks/Internet and MANRS.

I also bridge the gap between operators and engineering interpreting operators wishes and needs and translate those to technical solutions. This includes authoring and evaluating IETF drafts, making impact assessment, gathering operators input, explaining why operators care about MANRS and how Juniper can help its customers to be compliant.

My activities include:

  • NLNOG board member.
  • Member of the NANOG Program Committee.
  • Podcast host @ The Routing Table Podcast.
  • IETF participant.
  • Internet Society Organization Member Advisory Council (OMAC) representative.
  • MANRS Equipment Vendor Program founding participant.
  • Spokesperson for Juniper Networks.
  • Regular participant and presenter at NOG meeting, conferences, meetings, round tables, etc. Examples: APNIC, NLNOG, NANOG, GRNOG, RIPE, EURO-IX, DENOG, npNOG, DKNOG, MPLS World Congress and many others.
  • Author of several technical books, articles and white papers.
Rafael Duarte headshot photo
Rafael Duarte

Rafael Duarte

Prisma Rede

Candidate Statement

I would like to join the MANRS community as a member so I can help and also teaching our partners and students in my region.


I have been working in the telecom segment since 2009, I’m currently director of the ISP with ASN267562, and I also manage other ASNs in my geographic region.

I also work as an instructor in technical courses in Networks of Computers and technician in computer science for more than 10 years.

I also participate as a specialist consultant in the development of technical courses in networks and more recently I am participating in the development of the technical course in cybersecurity.

Prime Nkezumukama

Prime Nkezumukama


Candidate Statement

Once I get a chance to be elected, my commitments are to keep on supporting helping in the promotion of internet accessibility especially for the most at Risk people.


Passionate about peace and Internet Development in the World, I am a B.A degree obtained at the University of BURUNDI.

I worked with different partners on Encryption and digital rights issues in Burundi. The recent partners are CIVICUS, INTERNEWS, HIVOS and CIPESA. I am strongly interested to be part of the Steering Committee.