Nominee Details

Name: D’Wayne Saunders
Position: Security Engineering Senior Engineer
Organization: Telstra
MANRS participant (Y/N): Yes

Biographical Information

Started my working career as a plumber while also working hospitality.(Strange beginnings I know) This lead me to Alice Springs, Australia where while working hospitality I accepted a position in Australia’s first government regulated online casino as a Media Information System Operator. Using this as a spring board I saw a gap in the business with networking skills and self learned networking obtaining my CCNA and CCNP.
In 2004 I moved to melbourne and took a position with Telstra which is where I currently am employed today. The Telstra Journey has had me working in different Networks in both Operational, Engineering and Security roles with my latest looking at network security for the Telstra Internet direct platform and Global internet platform.

Recent Achievements

  • Leading the Telstra team to become MANRS compliant for AS1221
  • Roll out of RPKI across Both AS1221 and AS4637
  • Expansion of DDoS platform across AS1221 and AS4637

Nominee Statement

I have been passionate about internet security since starting my career in Networking, I now want to step up and make more of a difference at a global level than what I can at a single SP. With that said I want to be part of a bigger thing and to encourage and help other on the path to better internet routing security and will be bringing Deployment experience from a global SP, First hand experience in the challenges faced by SPs in implementation of the MANRS principles.

Nominated by: Self-nomination