Nominee Details

Name: Flavio Luciani
Position: CTO
Organization: Namex
MANRS participant (Y/N): Yes

Biographical Information

Flavio Luciani was born in Roma in 1981 and took his Master Degree in Computer Engineering from Roma 3 University in 2006. He has been working with Namex since 2008 and since then he has supervised the technical and infrastructural development of the exchange point, firstly as a member of the technical staff and then, starting from March 2020, serving as Chief Technology Officer. He was one of the Internet Society MANRS Ambassadors in 2020 and currently member of EURO-IX FPC and RIPE NCC CPF.

Nominee Statement

I consider MANRS an initiative that could potentially have a very significant impact on the reduction and mitigation of routing incidents. I would therefore like to be part of this committee to bring my ideas and support, the point of view of those who have worked for many years in the interconnection industry and in the IXP ecosystem. I have been actively involved in the initiative for some time now and I fully support it in my country as well. I believe that one of the greatest efforts must be directed on community engagement by selecting the right strategic partners who can amplify the penetration of best practices towards network operators, especially the smallest ones.

Nominated by: Self-nomination