Nominee Details

Name: Jean-Michel Combes
Position: Head of Orange Corporate Fixed Security Center (FSC)
Organization: Orange
MANRS participant (Y/N): Yes

Biographical Information

Jean-Michel COMBES, M.Sc., Ph.D., is a security architect for IP networks and head of Orange corporate Fixed Security Center (FSC) in the Orange group, a network operator and digital service provider in 26 countries – mainly in Europe and Africa.

He is working on IP security for the Orange group since 1999, on topics like cryptography, IPv6 security, DNS security and, since 2014, on routing security.

Jean-Michel is involved inside IETF as member of the Internet Area Directorate and has chaired the Source Address Validation Improvements (SAVI) working group.

He is contributing in the MANRS initiative since 2016 and, as member of the MANRS Advisory Group, has worked for the “Equipment Vendors” program set-up.

Nominee Statement

I am involved in the MANRS initiative since 2016 because this initiative promotes what I believe is the minimum security level to have a more secure and resilient Internet.

Since I joined the MANRS initiative, I have already worked on the “Network Operators program and Actions” document and, as member of the MANRS Advisory Group, the set-up of the “Equipment Vendors” program.

In joining the Steering Committee, I could provide technical/business feedback from a network operator and digital service provider operating in Europe and Africa, and having different size of subsidiaries (i.e., from “stub operator” to “Tier1”): all these ones have not the same strategy/policy/culture/resources, as same as the diversity of the participants in the MANRS community.

I wish for the MANRS initiative that, in the future, a network operator/IXP/CDN and cloud provider/equipment vendor not participating in the MANRS initiative will become the exception. To reach this goal, a better collaboration between these actors is necessary and the MANRS initiative has to take into account also of new technologies (e.g., automatization with YANG) and breakthrough technology (e.g., post-quantum cryptology) impacting architectures and the associated security, and so Actions inside the MANRS initiative.

Nominated by: Self-nomination