Nominee Details

Name: Jeff Tantsura
Position: Sr. Principal Network Architect
Organization: Microsoft
MANRS participant (Y/N): Yes

Biographical Information

Currently I’m employed by Microsoft as Sr. Principal Network Architect. I also co-chair 2 working groups in IETF Routing Area.

My full biography is available at LinkedIn

Nominee Statement

During my long career in networking I have always cared about Internet and community around the world, hence my positions with IAB and ISOC. Being on both sides – operators and routing vendor s as well as an active contributor to the IETF (50+ documents) – I’m intimately familiar with BGP protocol, its operations and policy frameworks. Active promoter of BGP RPKI, co-organizer of the 1st “RPKI zero to hero in 1 hour”  multi-vendor event, I’m looking forward to contributing to the great work MANRS has been doing!

Nominated by: Melchior Aelmans (Juniper Networks)