Nominee Details

Name: Leslie Daigle
Position: Chief Technology Officer
Organization: Global Cyber Alliance
MANRS participant (Y/N): No

Biographical Information

Leslie Daigle has been working at the intersection of technology, business/economics and policy to drive effective change for more than twenty years.

Always fascinated by the Internet’s technology,   innovation and real world impact, she started her professional career working with Internet applications technologies for corporate commercial activities, and expanded to take on leadership roles within the premier Internet technology standardization organization, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

As Chief Technology Officer at the Global Cyber Alliance, a not for profit organization dedicated to reducing cyber risk, Leslie is responsible for the technology strategy that advances GCA’s development and deployment of global solutions. 

Leslie was previously the Internet Society’s first Chief Internet Technology Officer.  She joined the ISOC in 2007, and  she helped  to (re)create the global dialog on important technical issues, calling stakeholders to action by providing achievable targets and facilitating their own collaboration across (corporate) organizational boundaries until May 2014.

Leslie was an appointed member of the related Internet Architecture Board (IAB) for eight years, and served as its elected Chair for five of those years.  Prior to working for the Internet Society, she held the positions of Consulting Engineer at Cisco Systems, Director of Directory Research at VeriSign, and Vice President for Research at industry pioneer Bunyip Information Systems, among others.

Leslie holds an M.Sc. in Computing & Information Science from the University of Guelph, and a B.Sc. in Math and Computer Science from McGill University.

Nominee Statement

I believe that the MANRS initiative has already successfully demonstrated the power of collective effort in tackling a network-wide critical issue.  By starting with operators themselves and identifying what IS possible to do in improving routing security, important groundwork was laid that has allowed the industry uptake to gain momentum in a way that would never have happened without a forum for discussion, coordination, and agreement.    I think the best future for the Internet as a whole features collaboratively developed industry norms for self governance for operational resilience, as MANRS has demonstrated so far.  As the MANRS initiative transitions into a community managed activity, I’d like to offer my years of leadership experience in such Internet technical, consensus-based activities to help ensure that it continues to thrive — as a sustainable organization that meets its participants’ needs.

Nominated by: Glenn Deen (Comcast)