Nominee Details

Name: Melchior Aelmans
Position: Consulting Engineer
Organization: Juniper Networks
MANRS participant (Y/N): Yes

Biographical Information

In my role as Consulting Engineer I work daily with operators whose networks are part of the internet, helping them build better, more reliable, and secure networks. Many of these conversations are about Routing Security, RPKI, BGP authentication, new developments including Quantum Networks/Internet and MANRS.

I also bridge the gap between operators and engineering interpreting operators wishes and needs and translate those to technical solutions. This includes authoring and evaluating IETF drafts, making impact assessment, gathering operators input, explaining why operators care about MANRS and how Juniper can help its customers to be compliant.

My activities include:

  • NLNOG board member.
  • Member of the NANOG Program Committee.
  • Podcast host @ The Routing Table Podcast.
  • IETF participant.
  • Internet Society Organization Member Advisory Council (OMAC) representative.
  • MANRS Equipment Vendor Program founding participant.
  • Spokesperson for Juniper Networks.
  • Regular participant and presenter at NOG meeting, conferences, meetings, round tables, etc. Examples: APNIC, NLNOG, NANOG, GRNOG, RIPE, EURO-IX, DENOG, npNOG, DKNOG, MPLS World Congress and many others.
  • Author of several technical books, articles and white papers.

Nominee Statement

Due to the greater reliance on the Internet now more than ever, it’s crucial that the Internet is stable and offers secure and trusted methods to connect users. In my opinion it is the responsibility of the global internet community to work together to ensure that the ecosystem forming the Internet works well and is protected against threat actors.

MANRS plays a vital role in setting the standards how participants, now also vendors of network equipment, should behave and to which standards they should comply to. With all these parties on board the foundation is strong.

I believe the next steps for MANRS include:

  • Become the default resource for network operators when it comes to Routing Security.
  • Work towards independence and become self-sustainable while ensuring not to become a commercial entity.
  • Proactively reach out and work with standards organizations, industry associations and communities.
  • Explore new ways and methods to evangelize the Routing Security message.
  • Ensure RFI/RFPs documents start including the ask for MANRS compliancy.
  • Extend MANRS Ambassadors and Fellows program. Give them more exposure.
  • Initiate and build political and media relationships.

Thank you for considering my candidacy! I’m looking forward working with the MANRS team and community.

Nominated by: Self-nomination