Nominee Details

Name: Nick Hilliard
Position: CTO
Organization: INEX
MANRS participant (Y/N): Yes

Biographical Information

Nick has specialised in Internet protocol and network design / implementation for over 25 years. He is Chief Technical Officer at INEX, the peering point for Ireland, and one of the founding participants of the MANRS IXP Program.  He is also a founding partner at Island Bridge Networks Ltd, a specialist IP network operations management company based in Dublin, Ireland.

He engages with bodies such as RIPE, the IETF, and Euro-IX, and has been actively involved in driving technical standards and global policy for routing security for many years.  He was the original author and designer of IXP Manager, the open source IXP software suite used by nearly 180 IXPs world-wide.

Nominee Statement

The Internet forms an integral part of all our lives, and a stable global Internet is critical to supporting our society.  MANRS has taken the lead in routing stability policy by creating sensible standards and engaging with people across the spectrum to deploy and understand the importance of routing security.

I work at the operational core of the internet and understand the importance of high quality routing security policies and practices.  At INEX, we develop and share our ideas about how to run stable IXP networking using IXP Manager, and these practices have been deployed at many IXPs around the globe.

With your support for my MANRS Steering Committee candidacy, I’d like to continue this work of ensuring a stable Internet routing ecosystem for all.

Nominated by: Barry O’Donovan (INEX)