Nominee Details

Name: Ram Krishna Pariyar
Position: Associate-Vice president IP Engineering (CTO)
Organization: Subisu Cablenet Pvt Ltd
MANRS participant (Y/N): Yes

Biographical Information

This is Ram Krishna Pariyar. 39 Years Young and Energetic IT professional, MANRS Policy Ambassadors, ICANN SSR2 Review Member, Community leader and Cybersecurity Expert.

Professionally working at Subisu Cablenet pvt Ltd as AVP ( CTO).

  • I have around 18 years of operational and Academic experience.
  • Expertise in advanced Routing, Switching and Routing Security,
  • SANOG / APRICOT / npNOG / NPIX/APNIC / NREN Instructor especially MPLS Network Design and

Deployment, Advanced IPV6 Routing, Network Security etc..

  • Routing Security and RPKI Deployment in different vendors like Cisco, Juniper etc.
  • Advanced knowledge & skills in prepare, plan, design, implement, operate and optimized ISP/NSP Network.

Community Work and Representation

  • ICANN SSR2 Review Team Member representative from ALAC
  • ISOC MANRS Policy Ambassadors for 2021
  • ISOC MANRS Trainer for 2020
  • ISOC Chapter Training coordinator
  • NTA Cybersecurity Byelaw Committee Team member
  • NTA QoS Byelaw Committee Team member
  • NTA ISP/NSP SOP Committee Team member
  • NTA CPE Device standardization Committee Team member

Community Affiliation

  • npNOG VP
  • Former ISOC Nepal Chapter Secretary
  • APNIC-Training Consultant
  • NPIX Technical Team
  • ISPAN-Representative for QoS and Cybersecurity at NTA
  • FCAN-Member
  • NREN Member

Nominee Statement

Very important first of all, is to understand the problem of the community. Whether, Nepal, South Asia or any part of the world, there are biggest threats for routing including cyber incidents. Therefore, for routing security to protect organization and their assets there is necessity of standards and best practices. MANRS is the best of the best among such norms/practices.

Now, the action required in community based on the incidents are banking sector, ISPs, community organizations. Therefore, resilient action plan is required. Step by step the action plan is:

1. Keep MANRS approach in the security policy of Nepal government and government bodies concerned.
2. Connect with Internet Service Providers’ Association of Nepal (ISPAN), aware and train ISPs, NSPs and ask them to apply MANRS completely in whole nation utilising their network.
3. Train the academic sector, lectures, students, and whole IT Department of the college making them aware of benefits of MANRS and MANRS helpfulness for their academic project. Then also motivate IT Department towards its implementation.
4. Working then as TOT model.

To make above plan actionable for making community stronger. Each steps needs to be executed, take feedback, also proper activities monitoring will be taken.

Nominated by: Self-nomination