Nominee Details

Name: Rebecca Ryakitimbo
Position: Founder
Organization: KsGEN
MANRS participant (Y/N): No

Biographical Information

Rebecca is a techie, writer and researcher. Rebecca is the founder of KsGEN an organization advocating for digital innovation,inclusion and rights in Tanzania,she also serves as a MANRS 2021 Policy fellow.She is currently a community engagement fellow atMozilla, working towards building an open voice dataset in Kiswahili to promote voice technology. She is working on establishing and supporting diverse Kiswahili language and tech communities along axes of gender, age, regional origin, accent and vernacular usage towards building an open voice dataset in Kiswahili. Before joining Mozilla, Rebecca has been an Internet Society fellow, an Afrisig fellow, a Google Policy fellow, a national geographic explorer and a digital rights program officer at Paradigm Initiative. Rebecca is also an enthusiast of digital inclusion.

Nominee Statement

I am passionate about connectivity more so a secure communication that’s why the work of MANRS is important to me since it ensures communities have secure access.I believe saving in the steering committee will give me an opportunity to push for MANRS adaptation in African countries and have a part to play in making routing secure.

Nominated by: Self-nominated