Nominee Details

Name: Russell Bean
Position: Manager of Innovation
Organization: Cable & Wireless Panama
MANRS participant (Y/N): Yes

Biographical Information

Originally from the UK but been living in Latin America for over 17 years now. Has a diploma in innovation and design thinking from Aden business school, Masters degree in Management Science from Swiss Business school. BA Hons in Business Information technology from Coventry University.

Has over 20 years of experience in the technology and telecoms industries. Formerly manager of operations and engineering at Cable & Wireless Panama running the ISP where BGP, security policies really became an interest. Currently working as Incubation Manager for Liberty Latin America´s innovation labs.

An active member of the Internet society and was a founding member in the Panama Internet society chapter. Also active in LACNIC programs and training and participates actively in policy discussions and forums. Helped develop the first certified MANRS provider in Panama and runs many programs with ISOC and RIPE, including the K root DNS servers and RIPE probes. Also helped run the first IPv6 node in Panama. Previously has been on the board of the IXP in Panama and helped design the original node. An invited speaker at many MANRS events locally in Panama and some international forums on IPv6 adoption and security with both Internet society and LACNIC.

Nominee Statement

I am passionate about MANRS and driving standards and good practices to all corners of the Internet. I have been very lucky to partake in the MANRS Policy Fellowship and have learnt a great deal and made good contacts for the future. I would like to continue working on this and think the steering committee would be a great fit. Being from an ISP and having that background will also enable me to better understand potential members questions and applications and assist them if necessary. I’m also familiar with appeals processes and consider myself to be unbiased, honest and fair in the decision making process and always try to investigate each side of a story. This said, if need be I am also more than willing to apply the rules and make hard decisions if need be. I feel hope that it would be mutually beneficial to have me on the committee and we can both learn and develop the MANRS initiative further and create new ideas, solutions to issues and processes.

Nominated by: Self-nomination