Nominee Details

Name: Sami Salih
Position: ICT Policy Advisor
Organization: Sudan Internet Society
MANRS participant (Y/N): Yes

Biographical Information

A pracademic in ICT Policy and Regulation with more than Fifteen years of engagement in the ICT sector with STC (Saudi Telecom. Company), TPRA (Sudanese Telecom. Regulatory Authority), SUDREN (Sudanese National Education and Research Network), and Fourteen years of teaching electronics course for undergraduate and postgraduate (Sudan University and Al-Jouf University, KSA). 

Sami Salih is an active participant and contributor at various international organizations including ITU, ETSI, ICANN, ISOC, UbuntuNet Alliance, and AFRINIC. 

In detail, he served as Policy Development Co-chair at AFRINIC for two terms, was appointed by ITU as an expert to support several countries in developing IPv6 migration plans, and participated in MANRS Policy Analysts Fellowship program. 

He also contributed to his local community by establishing the Sudanese IPv6 task force in 2010 and participated in establishing the Sudanese Network Operators Group in 2014. 

Nominee Statement

I have engaged with my local, regional, and international ICT community for almost Sixteen years. During this journey, I used to play very diverse roles, such as representing my country in ITU and alike organizations, facilitating the AFRINIC-PDWG community to develop Internet resource management policies, being a team member in delivering projects to ICANN, and participating in MANRS Fellowship program.

I am always keen to transfer all those experiences to my local ICT community by establishing the Sudanese IPv6 task force and participating in establishing the Sudanese NOG. Besides, imposing advanced ICT topics to the university curriculums.

Therefore, benefiting from my related experience, I believe I can contribute to the Steering Committee business toward achieving its mandate as listed in the committee members’ duties. During my MANRS fellowship, I coached three entities to fulfill the actions required to be a MANRS member, which gave me a deep but abstracted understanding of the actions for different programs. I am also serving on the AFRINIC appeal committee and several academic and professional project evaluations. Hence, I can confidently confirm that I can pragmatically handle processes, make recommendations, and evaluate resources to make a justified decision that leads to developing the MANRS initiative.

Nominated by: Fathi Mohamed (Sudatel)