Nominee Details

Name: Stephen Musa Honlue
Position: Project Manager and Transformation Lead
Organization: AFRINIC
MANRS participant (Y/N): No

Biographical Information

I call myself an Internet citizen, I am a holder of a Master’s Degree in IT and currently pursuing an MBA. 

My involvement in developing the Internet started in 2007 when I became a CISCO Instructor for CCNA.  Later on, I also passed the requirements to train other CISCO curricula namely ITE and CCNA security.

For the past 15+ years I have contributing to and serving the Internet community in the following ways:

  • Creating technical training content  on Internet technologies, protocols, and various best practices
  • Delivering  training in both face-to-face and online settings for various Internet organisations including AFRINIC, ISOC, AFNOG and the  University of Dschang
  • Delivering webinars, tutorials and technical presentations at  tech events
  • Assisting organizations in the deployment of various technologies ie. IPv6, RPKI, DNSSEC, CENTREON, DUAL WAN…
  • Participating in the development of Open Standards at the IETF meetings

 I have served the following organisations in the following capacities:


  • Project Manager and Transformation Lead
  • Trainer and certification program Manager

 2. The University of Dschang, as

  • Head of Networks and Systems
  • Head of Software engineering team

3. Technical support at the Mauritius Internet Exchange Point

4. Training consultant at ISOC for MANRS, NETOPS, Building Wireless Community Network, Designing and Deploying Computer Networks

5. Technical consultant for SALEKA LTD where I supervised several projects on deploying and securing large networks

I am also part of the MANRS fellowship program for the year 2021. As a MANRS fellow, I help in sharing the news about the initiative so that we can get more adopters.

Nominee Statement

Thanks to the works of Engineers across the globe, the Internet is now viewed as a commodity; something we all rely on in one way or the other. From shopping online to studying or providing some sort of technical service, everyone is now somehow benefiting from the robustness of the Internet. Therefore, ensuring that this asset is up and running and that people can safely communicate without exposing their lives has become a battle for some of us.

It is my belief after interacting with the MANRS initiative for the past years that it can help in achieving  a safer Internet for all.

My aim in nominating myself for a sit at the steering committee is to ensure that I am actively taking part in defining and driving the MANRS initiative in a direction that better serves the global Internet community.

The Initiative has come a long way, and there is still much to be done. If I am given the chance to make my voice heard, I will give the best of my abilities to make sure that the program grows.

I think I am a good candidate since I have been working with MANRS for more than three years now; first as a trainer where I have trained over 200 Engineers worldwide.

Nominated by: Self-nominated