Nominee Details

Name: Tom Samplonius
Position: Board Member & Chair of Operations Committee
Organization: VANIX
MANRS participant (Y/N): Yes

Biographical Information

I have been involved in ISP & hosting technology and operations for 25 years. I’m currently on the board of VANIX (Vancouver Internet Exchange), plus I’m VP of Technology at a regional ISP in the Vancouver, BC area.

Nominee Statement

My interest in MANRS is taking the MANRS standard to the next level. I believe it is possible to raise the bar for MANRS compliance, in a evolutionary way. I managed the MANRS application for VANIX, and I found the application process almost too easy. But yet, I still appreciate that many network operators still have hurdles to complete their own MANRS compliance. But I think a “MANRS 2.0” is possible that brings in more operators while raising the routing security standard across the Internet.

Nominated by: Self-nomination