Nominee Details

Name: Tony Tauber
Position: Distinguished Engineer
Organization: Comcast
MANRS participant (Y/N): Yes

Biographical Information

In his role as Distinguished Engineer at Comcast, I focus on Backbone and Core network architecture and engineering with particular attention to measurement, manageability, and automation as well as network and routing security. I also partner with the research and education communities on projects and previously chaired the North American Network Operators Group (NANOG) Program Committee. In the past, I held senior network engineering positions at BBN, GTE Internetworking, Genuity, Level3, and MIT Lincoln Lab as well as served as co-chair of the Routing Protocol Security working group in the IETF.

I have been the lead engineer and architect for Comcast’s RPKI and Anycast routing initiatives.

Nominee Statement

As far back as 2000 I was invited to present as part of a panel on operator experience with route filtering.

When the IETF was seeking to charter the RPsec Working Group (precursor to SIDR and SIDROPS), I saw an opportunity to contribute and volunteered to serve as a co-Chair.

I have been involved with what became MANRS from its inception (as Routing Resilience Manifesto) and am committed to incremental advances in routing resilience (including as a facet of security).
Moreover, with my deep and broad experience in Network Engineering and Operations, I believe I am well suited to collaborate with peers in the community to devise and maintain practical evolutions for the Internet ecosystem. That the community has been able to devise and promulgate citable references for best practices and that these have been broadly adopted across the ecosystem of various types of operators and vendor/implementers is an impressive base upon which to build and push for further improvements.

Nominated by: Self-nomination