Nominee Details

Name: Will van Gulik
Position: Technical team, daily operation and founder
Organization: RomandIX
MANRS participant (Y/N): Yes

Biographical Information

Will has been working in the Internet Industry since the begging of 2000, participating in community events such as NOGs since 2003. He understood the importance of keeping safe the Internet’s infrastructures in those meetings, and increased his insight attending RIPE meetings since 2013. That’s where he discovered MANRS, when it was still a draft paper, and participated in the early documents. He was part of the former Advisory group, and helped RomandIX be the first Swiss IXP to be in the MANRS for IXP program.

Will has been RIPE’s connect working group co-chair since 2015. He is currently a Senior Network Engineer at Nimag Networks in Lausanne (as6893), operating the RomandIX IXP (AS41882) and runs his owns reasearch and supports others on his own ASN, AS2613.

Nominee Statement

“When I started using the Internet, I was still a teenager, and was what we could call a script-kiddie, even if I wasn’t really of any risk at the time.

Those discoveries opened me to the issues and wilderness that could be found on that network, while looking at its size and general interest grow, along with network outages and DDoS that were becoming much more dangerous with the increase of bandwidth, the stagnation of concerns and the lack of understanding of admins about their network.

Having been part of MANRS since it’s early ages, and as part of the former Advisory Group, I think I can help promote the project and help with my knowledge of MANRS, and network security in this world that now relies much more on the Internet for our daily lives than in the 90s.”

Nominated by: Self-nomination