Rogério Muhate plays multiple roles at the Mozambique Research and Education Network (MoRENet) – he is the Systems and Applications Manager, is part of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) implementation group, and teaches Computer Network Administration and preparation for Huawei certification at the MoRENet Academy. He has several certifications and training in Computer Networks and is a University Professor of Computer and Systems Network.

Zobair Khan has been working at Fiber@Home in Bangladesh since 2010 with responsibilities in capacity planning, upstream coordination and troubleshooting. He started his career with Transmission Network and previously worked with Cisco, Huawei, Infinera, Juniper, LS Cable and Tejas. He is an active participant of various network operator groups (NOGs), including bdNOG. He is a Community Trainer of APNIC since 2018 and a MANRS Training Fellow in 2020.

Fredrik Korsbäck is the Senior Technical Business Developer at Amazon Web Services (AWS), based in Sweden. He is working with peering, routing and BGP for the AWS Global Network, and is recognised in the routing tables as AS16509. He is passionate about routing security, route control and development of the BGP protocol to strengthen the capabilities of the very core of the Internet.


Steven Wallace is the Enterprise Network Architect at Indiana University (USA), and the Cybersecurity Architect at Internet2. His profession and avocation focus on computer networking, cybersecurity and the risks inherent in information technology. For over 30 years, he has contributed to the design, implementation and operation of Indiana University’s networks. He has also contributed to the network engineering efforts that built and operated the first version of the Internet2 backbone known as Abilene.


Ram Krishna Pariyar is the Senior Manager in R&D IP Engineering at Subisu Cablenet, Nepal since 2008. Prior to joining Subisu, he worked at Prime College as Cisco Academy Instructor and System Administrator for six years. He also served as Training Coordinator for the Internet Society Nepal Chapter. He has 18 years of operational and academic experience in routing, switching and network security. He is an ICANN SSR2 Review Team Member and a MANRS Training Fellow in 2020.

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