MANRS Community Meeting #1

MANRS held its first Community Meeting at RIPE 78 in Reykjavík, Iceland, on Tuesday, 21 May 2019. Kevin Meynell discussed the current status of and updates to MANRS and what is scheduled to come. See the agenda and presentation slides below:

Agenda TopicSpeaker
MANRS Observatory Update and DemoKevin Meynell, Internet Society
Improving the MANRS Auditing Process
Next Steps Towards Maintaining and Improving MANRS Conformance
Documentation of Routing Security Requirements for Peering and Connectivity Procurements
Development of MANRS Implementation Guide for IXPs
21 May 2019

Also, check out these MANRS presentations given at RIPE 78:

MANRS for IXP BCOPKevin Meynell, Internet SocietySlides, Video
OpenSource Router Lab: MANRSSander Steffann, Internet Network ConsultantSlides, Video