Participant Info

  • Areas ServedUS
  • ASNs20940

Implementation of MANRS Actions

  • Action 1: Prevent propagation of incorrect routing information Akamai is working to augment it’s existing mechanisms to support fine-grained filtering on a per peer basis by the end of 2020.
  • Action 2: Prevent traffic with spoofed source IP addresses As a content provider, Akamai does not have downstream networks. Traffic leaving the Akamai network is sourced on Akamai’s servers. Those servers are secured, preventing the origination of illegitimate traffic.
  • Action 3: Facilitate global operational communication and coordination Akamai maintains a Peeringdb record and actively engages with the Internet community
  • Action 4: Facilitate validation of routing information on a global scale Akamai publishes data to help its peers build route filters in the routing registries of the RIRs from which it has been assigned IP space
  • Action 5: Encourage MANRS adoption As one of the early participants in the Cloud and CDN initiative Akamai encourages its peers to align their practices and procedures with MANRS recommendations

Why Akamai Technologies Supports MANRS