Participant Info

  • Areas ServedBD
  • ASNs10075

Implementation of MANRS Actions

  • Action 1: Prevent propagation of incorrect routing information Routing policy has implemented specific filters based on prefix-lists or route-filters in the peerings with the customers. Therefore, just these substantial prefixes are acknowledged in our system and after that, sent out to our Global peerings.
  • Action 2: Prevent traffic with spoofed source IP addresses Fiber@home has executed anti-spoofing filters in both client and global peering inbound interfaces. Separating arrangement depends on express ACLs which just allows traffic from the client whose source deliver has a place with its appointed or own prefixes.
  • Action 3: Facilitate global operational communication and coordination
  • Action 4: Facilitate validation of routing information on a global scale

Why Fiber@Home Global Limited Supports MANRS