Participant Info

  • Areas ServedUS
  • ASNs15169

Implementation of MANRS Actions

  • Action 1: Prevent propagation of incorrect routing information As part of our work to improve how we receive BGP advertisements from our interconnect partners we will start adding inbound route filters in all of our BGP sessions. To build these filters we will initially use IRR data and we are evaluating the use of RPKI.We will start filtering sessions on Q2-2020.
  • Action 2: Prevent traffic with spoofed source IP addresses We have filters in our network to filter RFC1918 space and only allow Google registered IP space to leave our network.
  • Action 3: Facilitate global operational communication and coordination Our NOC contact information is located on our PeeringDB Entry: For questions regarding network support from Google please visit can point them to our public page
  • Action 4: Facilitate validation of routing information on a global scale We have a generally open peering policy that could be found at and we maintain IRR data for all our ASNs and prefixes.From 2020-Q2 we will be applying route filters to all our BGP sessions. To build these filters we will use your ASN data on the IRR system. To avoid any routing issues please keep your IRR objects up to date.
  • Action 5: Encourage MANRS adoption We promote MANRS in our public messages related to Routing Security.
  • Action 6: Provide monitoring and debugging tools to the peering partners We provide access to the Google ISP Portal to our peering partners where they can verify some data related to BGP security.