Participant Info

  • Areas ServedAE, AO, BF, BI, BJ, BW, CF, CG, CI, CV, DJ, DZ, ET, FR, GA, GB, GM, GN, GQ, GW, HK, JO, KE, LS, LY, MA, MG, ML, MR, MU, MV, MW, MZ, NA, NE, NG, RW, SC, SL, TG, TN, TZ, UG, ZA, ZM, ZW
  • ASNs25818

Implementation of MANRS Actions

  • Action 1: Prevent propagation of incorrect routing information AS-SET information updated on AFRINIC and Peeringdb
  • Action 3: Facilitate global operational communication and coordination Up to date contact information is available on:
  • Action 4: Facilitate validation of routing information on a global scale

Why CMC Networks Supports MANRS