Participant Info

  • LocationBR
  • Network ASNs61600
  • IX-F IDs829

Implementation of MANRS Actions

  • Action 1: Filtering of Route Announcements All the following actions are listed in our public documentation (Portuguese only):
  • Action 2-1: Offer assistance to its members to maintain accurate routing information in an appropriate repository (IRR and/or RPKI) Those actions are described on our "Secure Routing" page (Portuguese only):
  • Action 2-2: Offer assistance in implementing MANRS ISP Actions for the members Those actions are described on our "Secure Routing" page (Portuguese only):
  • Action 2-3: Indicate MANRS participation on the member list and the website We indicate MANRS participation in our member list:
  • Action 3: Protect the peering platform All these requirements are defined in the following document (in Portuguese only):
  • Action 4: Facilitate global operational communication and coordination between network operators We have a WhatsApp group with all members NOC operators. We also have a mailing list with all members for announcements.
  • Action 5: Provide monitoring and debugging tools to the members We have a looking glass open for everyone access. All BGP communities are listed. Rejected routes are also listed. RPKI and IRR validations are highlighted.

Why Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa Supports MANRS