Participant Info

  • LocationSA
  • Network ASNs20759 208520
  • IX-F IDs770

Implementation of MANRS Actions

  • Action 1: Filtering of Route Announcements We are using two Route Servers (RS) for high availability, RS validate members routes using multiple filters. -Some routes are not allowed, for instance bogons or Martians IP prefixes as defined in RFC1918, RFC5735, and RFC6598 - We filter ASNs in the AS-PATH as defined by RFC5398, RFC6793, RFC6996, RFC7300, RFC7607). Based on the validation process outcome, the invalid announcements are filtered (
  • Action 2-1: Offer assistance to its members to maintain accurate routing information in an appropriate repository (IRR and/or RPKI) Conduct a workshop of Routing and Security Techniques provided by Internet Society, the workshop has been hosted by SAIX and MCIT in November 2019. The plan is conducting more workshops to show the member's best practices to improve connectivity, routing table, and security. (
  • Action 2-2: Offer assistance in implementing MANRS ISP Actions for the members SAIX offers assistance in implementing MANRS actions for members and some of our members are fulfilling for ISP mandatory actions.
  • Action 2-3: Indicate MANRS participation on the member list and the website SAIX website, we indicate wither member comply with MANRS actions (
  • Action 3: Protect the peering platform SAIX has a published policy for the traffic that filtered or not allowed on the peering fabric. (
  • Action 4: Facilitate global operational communication and coordination between network operators SAIX website has valid contacts for SAIX and members. Also, SAIX has an announcement mailing list include all member's emails for any planned or emergency maintenance activities.
  • Action 5: Provide monitoring and debugging tools to the members SAIX provides several tools for members and the public similar to a graph for links utilization for each member (, ( 24/7 service desk. SAIX provides looking glass for members (

Why Saudi Arabia Internet Exchange Supports MANRS