Participant Info

  • Areas ServedIE
  • ASNs62129

Implementation of MANRS Actions

  • Action 1: Prevent propagation of incorrect routing information We have outbound filteringBGP announcements with Transit and Peering partners. We manually validate new announcements of networks from our customers networks. we add these validated announcements to our outbound route-maps on peering-and transit bgp sessions. we utilise the max-prefix out feature of OpenBGPD in our peering sessions with Transit, we utilise the max-prefix feature on all BGP sessions with customers
  • Action 2: Prevent traffic with spoofed source IP addresses We implement BCP38
  • Action 3: Facilitate global operational communication and coordination We regularly attend our Local IXP meetings and we are a member of The Brothers Wisp community of ISPs , we are active in the BSD community , we have given presentations about BCP38 at MikroTIk User Meetings. We give training and tutorials on a voluntary basis at BSD Conferences
  • Action 4: Facilitate validation of routing information on a global scale We have ROAs on all our announcements, and we validate the ROAs from our customers before manually adding route filters to allow learning the customers announcements. we have RPSL and we ask our customers to update the RPSL when making or changing BGP announcements, and we only update the Route Filters after ROAs and RPSL and Route Objects are appropriately Setup

Why Wireless Connect Ltd. Supports MANRS