Participant Info

  • LocationUS
  • Network ASNs51930
  • IX-F IDs968

Implementation of MANRS Actions

  • Action 1: Filtering of Route Announcements We only accept RPKI validated routes or those exactly match an IRR record.
  • Action 2-1: Offer assistance to its members to maintain accurate routing information in an appropriate repository (IRR and/or RPKI) We regularly check rejected routes and inform members with suggestions of how to fix them.
  • Action 2-2: Offer assistance in implementing MANRS ISP Actions for the members We promote MANRS to every new participant when processing their joining request
  • Action 2-3: Indicate MANRS participation on the member list and the website We have yet to indicate MANRS participation on the website because we plan to rewrite all pages from the ground up. We will include a MANRS logo in newly designed peers page.
  • Action 3: Protect the peering platform We only allow IPv4 IPv6 and ARP on the peering fabric
  • Action 4: Facilitate global operational communication and coordination between network operators We have a members mailinglist