Participant Info

  • LocationNL
  • Network ASNs56584
  • IX-F IDs1146

Implementation of MANRS Actions

  • Action 1: Filtering of Route Announcements We are using an automated tool to parse IRRDB such as RIPE, ARIN, RADB, AFRINIC etc.
  • Action 2-1: Offer assistance to its members to maintain accurate routing information in an appropriate repository (IRR and/or RPKI) InterIX helps members to implement IRRDB entries and RPKI
  • Action 2-2: Offer assistance in implementing MANRS ISP Actions for the members We will help members to apply ManRS when needed.
  • Action 2-3: Indicate MANRS participation on the member list and the website We will put MANRS on our site and dedicate a page for it.
  • Action 2-4: Provide incentives linked to MANRS readiness - We will offer a free patching service; which means, we pay for the cable and the installation of the cable which can placed on top of rack (so member can connect himself) or we install in the switch (with LOA) - We offer a free optic, 10/40/100G for their end, branded for their hardware - Usually the first 10G is free, for MANRS members, we offer the second 10G free as well
  • Action 3: Protect the peering platform
  • Action 4: Facilitate global operational communication and coordination between network operators Yes we have:
  • Action 5: Provide monitoring and debugging tools to the members Yes: