Participant Info

  • LocationMA
  • Network ASNs329337 37787
  • IX-F IDs

Implementation of MANRS Actions

  • Action 1: Filtering of Route Announcements At IXP Cas-ix, we are dedicated to ensuring the prevention of the propagation of incorrect routing information. Our implementation of Action 1 involves robust filtering of route announcements at the Route Server, utilizing both IRR and RPKI mechanisms. We employ IRR-based filtering and are in the process of implementing RPKI with the Routinator solution to enhance the security of our routing infrastructure.
  • Action 2-1: Offer assistance to its members to maintain accurate routing information in an appropriate repository (IRR and/or RPKI) At CAS-IX, we are proud to play an active role in fostering a secure and resilient Internet ecosystem by implementing MANRS Action. We recognize the critical importance of maintaining accurate routing information, and we go beyond the mandatory requirements to provide robust support to our members
  • Action 2-2: Offer assistance in implementing MANRS ISP Actions for the members At CAS-IX, we are dedicated to advancing the state of global routing security through our commitment to MANRS Action . Our approach involves providing robust assistance to our members in implementing MANRS ISP Actions.
  • Action 2-4: Provide incentives linked to MANRS readiness At CAS-IX , we are deeply committed to advancing the cause of global routing security, and our dedication extends beyond mere compliance.Key highlights of our incentive program include:Collaborative Opportunities: Actively participating members gain enhanced opportunities for collaboration, including participation in industry events, forums, and knowledge-sharing sessions. This collaborative approach strengthens the community and facilitates shared learning.
  • Action 4: Facilitate global operational communication and coordination between network operators At CAS-IX, we 24/7 Support: Our support is available around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This ensures that our members have access to timely assistance and communication channels at any hour, enhancing our collective ability to address operational incidents promptly.

Why CAS-IX Supports MANRS