Help Make a Safer, More Trusted, Internet

The Internet wasn’t initially built with security in mind. Networks now face attacks every single day, and many of them are preventable with basic security measures.

We need a greater sense of collective responsibility amongst top Internet organisations. To encourage this collaborative spirit, we created MANRS (Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security), a global initiative that provides crucial fixes to reduce the most common routing threats. 

Over 150 organisations, including tech giants like Google and Microsoft, have joined this breakthrough collaborative effort. They’ve agreed to take four simple actions to improve Internet security and reliability: 

  1. Filtering of incorrect routing announcements to prevent incidents like route leaks or hijacks
  2. Anti-spoofing to prevent traffic with fake source IP addresses
  3. Coordination amongst peers to facilitate communication and incident mitigation
  4. Facilitating global validation by publishing routing information 

More than ever, organisations are looking to Internet service providers to deliver leadership in addressing challenges related to routing security, which impact businesses and consumers on a daily basis and adversely impact ISPs’ operational ability and efficiency.

Joining MANRS makes you part of a powerful group of industry leaders who’ve committed to a special code of conduct, one that can help you provide a distinct competitive advantage to enterprise customers.

Security-conscious organisations like these are MANRS members:

Join over 150 of your peers who support the MANRS principles and help protect the Internet core. Do it today.