MANRS Turns 1 and First Japanese Operator, IIJ, Joins

balloonsJust over one year ago, on the 6th of November 2014, a group of 9 network operators launched an effort called MANRS – Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security. We also kept another name – Routing Resilience Manifesto – to emphasise the collaborative and collective nature of it.

Since then more operators have joined, bringing and promoting the initiative all around the globe.

On its first anniversary, MANRS has expanded its geography to Japan! A company that is known for its innovative vision, advanced technology, and attention to security, Internet Initiative Japan Inc., or IIJ,  has joined the group of MANRS participants.

“Coordination and cooperation based on our relationships of mutual trust are the key elements to run the Internet, and we have shared responsibilities to improve the Internet operation. As part of the Internet operation community, IIJ is committed to the MANRS actions,” said Junichi Shimagami, Director CTO of Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

We are looking for more leaders – networks that have already implemented the MANRS recommendations and much more – to sign up, support this effort, and encourage others!

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